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My Daily Self Care Routine

My Daily Self Care Routine

It wasn't until this year that I realized my depression was not going anywhere if I literally was doing nothing to change my lifestyle. I'm 31 years old. I have a really incredible husband who is genuinely a nice guy, he's tall dark and handsome and he supports me in whatever crazy idea or thought I may have this week. I have a 2 year old son Lincoln (pictured here with me) and he's smart, funny and charming. My family is happy & healthy. I have been suffering with depression since I gave birth to Lincoln and he was 6 weeks old I was diagnosed. I knew I needed a routine to help me get balanced and I sat down to write down what I knew I HAD to do every day to help improve my mood and self esteem.


6:30 - First alarm is set and I start waking up.

6:45 - I get in the shower to actually wake myself up. (Important for me)

7:30 - I’m ready for the day and I go check on Lincoln. I start breakfast

From now until nap time it depends on several factors. The weather, Lincoln’s mood, and my to-do list. We either spend this time together doing what Lincoln enjoys or I run errands and get stuff done around the house.

Nap time: This is my time I focus on work. I blog, research, read and organize my life as much as I can!

2:00 - Lincoln wakes up usually around this time and we get lunch.

3:00 - Lincoln and I spend this time together agin until Michael gets home. We read, play, go for a walk, go play at the park, or just play and run around the house!

6:00 - Michael is home and we have dinner. We have been using Home Chef a few nights a week and we absolutely love it!

6:30 - I focus more on my work. I work on whatever I had going during the day and try to wrap up as much as possible.

8:00 - Lincoln’s bedtime and this is when Michael and I catch up and talk about our days and what is going on or coming up.

9:30- I spend the rest of the evening until I go to bed focusing on myself. I will get ready for bed, and every few days I give myself a facial, hair mask, and pamper myself. l read a book, take a bubble bath (check out Bath Blessing Box), or watch a movie with Michael.

My mood depends highly on this routine. I have to leave the house every single day or I seriously get moody and it’s awful. It took me a while to figure out what I needed for my daily routine to be like. What worked for me where I can get what I need to get done, and also have time for myself every day.

What do you do to focus on yourself and keep yourself sane? Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite activity and maybe I need to add it to my routine!


With Kindness & Love, Kenzie

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