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Transition from Summer to Fall

Transition from Summer to Fall

Well fall literally happened overnight when everyone went back to school. Has it always been that way? I'm not to thrilled about it. I am still enjoying the warm days. Pumpkin spice is on steroids and it's still 97 degrees outside. Can I still have that margarita on my sunny patio? Thanks.

I really do love fall days. I get nostalgic and start thinking and getting ready for the upcoming holidays. I start planning all my decor for the next 4 months and take a not really needed trip to Michaels and stock up. I get crafty AF and I love it. 

As we are so briskly moving into fall and as I am a strong lover of warm weather, I want to share some fun ways to incorporate summer pieces that don't have to be tucked away in the closet just yet. Or maybe at all! 


What comes to mind when we think of fall clothing? Sweaters & boots right? What colors do you think of? I think of burnt orange, burgundy, chocolate browns, olive green, navy, jewel tones, and dark neutrals. I like pairing colors together that you may not ever consider. Like this berry sweater with white skinny destroyed denim is perfect. This berry shade is a great pop of color, but not so bright it pairs very well. I kept my booties and basket bag neutral as well as my jewelry minimal and gold to not compete with the white of the denim and the berry shade sweater. I let these pieces shine and take the attention they deserve. 

Even well after Labor Day, I will still be rocking my white jeans! Pair them with booties like I have here and when it's getting colder, bring out the knee high boots for some extra coverage and the added warmth! 

What I'm doing is mixing fall staples with summer staples.

Just because everyone is ready for fall doesn't mean you have to only wear items that are made for fall. I have recently decided to stop buying black clothing. I have way more than I will ever actually wear. I know why I do it, it's easy, always matches, and can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual look. It looks like you cared enough. It flatters everyone and you can never go wrong with black. So why am I swearing off black when I just gave you many reasons to love it? Because it's too easy. I challenge you to try one week without wearing black in your wardrobe!! It's much harder than you think. To help me move forward with this process I have been buying more colors, and replacing my black times with white because I love white dresses, tops, jeans, shoes. You have to put more effort in to the look and make sure you're wearing ALL the correct undergarments. 

Keep the tropical prints out. You can keep these through and the jewelry too! Why do you need to stop wearing the best palm print pants you just found? Or the brightly colored tassel and pineapple earrings you just grabbed at Target like these here! If I had to choose only one print to wear, it would hands down be palm print. It makes me think of an island paradise. If I can't actually be on vacation, I can still enjoy the small perks of a beach vacation. Give me a fruity cocktail and I'm a happy girl!

Beach bags work great for diaper bags, travel bags, market bags and everyday for your typical day to day life. Don't tuck away your pom pom tote. I have many beach bags I will wear all year round. Just watch!!

As fall does approach keep these tips in mind when you're preparing what to wear for the day. Grab those white jeans over the dark denim. Grab that raffia basket bag over the leather shoulder bag. Put on the peep toe booties and save the knee high boots for date night. Swap your stud earrings and wear the tassel earrings with the pineapples! I live in my own world where Summer Never Sets. 

With Kindenss & Love, Kenzie

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