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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

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The Law of attraction is simply that we can attract into our lives whatever we chose to focus on. 

Be careful what you pray/wish for. The power of positive thinking. If you chose to wish, pray and think about your dreams, goals, aspirations, your thoughts will eventually become a reality. Your thoughts control your actions and therefore will lead you to what you want. 



Becoming a fashion blogger has been on my heart and mind for many, many years. I was afraid of the journey, the idea that I was not good enough, or interesting enough, I have even had so called friends actually tell me I was not pretty enough to get what I wanted or deserved. The worst part? I believed them! No matter where you are in life, the path you're taking or trying to make, there will always be someone that is wanting you to fail. Why? Because they are reminded that they are not doing anything with their lives. They put a lot of their energy into hate and jealousy. They are caught in the dark cloud of negative thoughts that they themselves have manifested.

As I think positive and continue to strive forward, I have chose to let go of those that have ill will, no care or concern for others, and have a problem with my happiness. You know what I've received? Positive feedback, aspiring, talented and supportive friends that I have built a community with online. I put out into the universe that I wanted this life. I am receiving it, and happily so. I work daily towards my dreams and have grown and learned more than I expected in the last 4 months. The best part? Everyone is capable of acheving the life they desire.  


First, get clear on what it is exactly that you want. If you have no idea how do you expect to have a clear direction? Next ask the universe. Ask for what you want, don't leave it up to chance. Work toward the goals. Plan 3 actions daily to get you closer towards you goal. Use Google if you really feel lost. Trust the process and be patient. Getting frustrated and discouraged is normal. Do not let these momentary feelings deter you. Receive and acknowledge what you get. Write down all the big and small happenings each day that has moved you that much closer to your goals. You attract what you send out, so keep your vibrations high. Stay positive and thankful. Clear your resistance. Let go of the doubts, fear, anxiety, fear and resentment. Remember manifesting is 100% possible if you use all of these tips. 


I follow these steps regularly. I research, I google, I contact other bloggers in my niche, I email, I call and send messages. I'm not afraid to ask for advice, ask for help, I attend events to help grow. I network, and engage with my followers. I follow along and read. If you haven't read the book The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein I recommend it. It has lessons and guides to let go of resistance so you can achieve what you desire. 


With Kindness & Love, Kenzie 

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