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Unlimited Wardrobe with Fashion Pass

Unlimited Wardrobe with Fashion Pass

I have a serious love for gorgeous clothing. I have a tendency to want impractical items for everyday wear. If I'm honest, being a SAHM doesn't give me much opportunity to wear beautiful pieces every day. It's normal to not want to wear the items you wish you could live in, because the fear of them being ruined by toddler hands. When we do make it out of the house for some fun in the sun, playdates, lunches or even errands I make it a point to wear something I feel confident and beautiful wearing. I have found an incredible online service that allows you to rent clothing items from the best brands. For Love and Lemons, Show Me Your Mumu, ASTR, and many more brands. For Love and Lemons has always been one of my dream labels. The designs and fabrics are so beautiful and lovely. If I could I would only wear beautiful dresses while channeling Carrie Bradshaw in her penthouse NY apartment. 



Fashion Pass offers levels of memberships to select from depending on your budget, and how often you need new items. Along with clothing, you can rent accessories as well! There is the option to rent one item for a special occasion or event. 



Each level of the membership allows you to rent as many times as you want during the month. Wait, it gets better. If you review each item and attach an image of you wearing the item, your account gets credited. This credit gets applied to your membership dues. If you rent many items during the month, review, attach your photo an share, you can practically pay for the membership by simply sharing your outfits! You do have the option of buying any piece for 80% of the original retail price. You’re able to have it delivered, try it on wear it out, and if you fall in love you only see back the items you don’t want to purchase! 



For me, this is an incredible service as I only wear items once or maybe twice. I can wear the clothing items I truly love and return them and receive a new set the next week! It's like having an unlimited wardrobe every month!



If you’re interested in trying Fashion Pass use my code KENZIE2 to receive $60 off your first order!

Happy Shopping Lovelies


With kindness & Love, Kenzie 



The Future Is Bright

The Future Is Bright