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Life is Better at the Lake

Life is Better at the Lake

My summers will never be the same after moving out of Texas. 

I grew up spending all summer at the lake. It was every weekend of every summer.  My parents and I would go to McDonalds to get breakfast then take the boat to a beach where I would collect shells in the sand. I remember these days so vividly and look forward to making similar memories with my son. There are over 50 lakes in Texas. There are about 10 lakes in Colorado. I didn't just go spend all summer on the lake, I'd drive down to New Braunfels with friends to float the river every Labor day or Memorial day. 

The 4th of July we would drive to my Grandparents lake house in Grove, OK. Grand Lake in OK is my happy place. I have so many fond and happy memories of nights spent by the bonfire on the pier with my family just sitting there, chatting and enjoying the summer nights. Fireworks every night before and well after the 4th celebration. 


Top & Bag // Magnolia Palm 

Swim // Aerie

Hat // Nordstrom

When I'm packing for the lake I have to consider many people. My son first and foremost. I make a checklist of items that we bring with us regularly anytime we leave the house for an overnight stay. Many of these items are a no brainer such as diapers, wipes, and then there is Aquaphor (game changer) swim diapers, night time diapers, swim trunks, hat, sunglasses, water shoes, sunscreen, along with multiple changes of clothes for day and night and jammies. We can not forget his latest favorite toys, books to read, his api (pacifier) night time pillow, penguin (snuggle buddy) his blanket, his fan, and owl. He sleeps in the pack n play at the end of our bed. I make a trip to the store to specifically get his snacks, food and drinks he likes. I bring smaller silverware, bowls with lids and his own cups. We never can be too prepared for anything anymore. I'd rather show up with too much in tow, than to realize we forgot penguin or api and have a toddler that refuses to sleep and we are packing up at 11:45 PM AGAIN and making the drive back home in the middle of the night. 


I on the other hand think realistically, meaning comfort and what I actually have to have and then I think fashionably. "Where will we be going for dinner?" "Can I wear this on the boat?" "Can I fit these 3 beach bags into our one large luggage?" I have to bring items to wear out and about, and also items I can afford to get dirty in as I play with Lincoln. "What will I do while on the beach?" "Do I want to read, nap, sunbathe?" This list I make for myself is a little different you see. I can not just throw items in the suitcase and call it a day. There is so much planning that goes into this. As I start packing for our upcoming trip to the lake I will be sharing all the items on my next blog post! So be sure to follow up and check the next post! Cheers


With Kindness & Love, Kenzie

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