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Boutique Hub Summit 2018

Boutique Hub Summit 2018

The Boutique Summit was 2 days full of speakers, #realtalk, success, struggles, #hustle, failures, and inspiration. 


Day 1

As of today I am working on building my brands Magnolia Palm & Magnolia Palm Lifestyle. I am 3 months into my business and have already had overwhelming fears and doubts to shut the boutique. I purchased the summit ticket as soon as they went on sale. This was right after my boutique went live online. I started this blog, Magnolia Palm Lifestyle, just a little over 1 month ago. I want to grow each together as they are reflections of another.

I knew what I was walking into as I arrived in Dallas with a FULL 4 days ahead of me at Dallas Market Center. 2 days at the summit and 2 days attending market. I came on my own (first time I've left my son for this long) At the 1 month mark of being open I literally panicked because my sales were non-existent. I had purchased pieces I really fell in love with. The retail price points were much higher than I anticipated. I opened and no one had the least bit of interest in shopping with me. I decided very quickly I needed to do something about the prices because everyone that knew about my boutique wanted the pieces but did not want to pay that price. I marked everything down to 50% off and there was more interest but haven't sold like I was hoping. I over bought at my first market and was realizing it. I knew I needed to find new lines and I decided to put the store on a semi-hold. I held back from pushing the items and being active so I could figure out what changes I really had to make.


Day 2

After the summit was over I could not wait to start implementing all the new ideas I had circling and going over and over in my head. I jumped on to blog, Pinterest, and my Instagram stories. I knew what I must do to start growing my brand the only way I knew I could. 

Day 1 I spent the day wandering around looking at other lines I had not ever considered. I could never decide on items. I could feel that it wasn't right.

Morning of day 2 at market and I was still at a loss and needed to call the one person that I knew would be straight up with me, Michael. Everything that was weighing heavily on my heart and mind was all at ease. I knew God was speaking to me, I needed to listen. So I did just that. I left market at 12:30 with 4 new lines that I'm very excited to share with everyone and feel a new level of confidence about moving forward. 

Fan Girl Moment




#societe #bossbabe

After many prayers and tears I am now hopeful in the bright future of Magnolia Palm. 

Jesus replied "You don't understand what I'm doing but someday you will" John 13:7

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