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With a Twist

With a Twist

When Life gives you lemons, add vodka, soda and take it with a twist! 

Top // J Crew 

Sunnies // Free People

Bag // Ellen & James


Life gives us all lemons at one time or another. These lemons don't show up in a clear glass with sugar and ice. They always come when you least expect it, and are generally blindsided. We have the ability to choose how we want to take it and react. It's easy to get down and out about whatever issues we may have going on. It's hard to look these issues straight on and say "I'll make the best of this situation." For instance "make lemonade." Lemonade is delicious, sweet, tangy and refreshing. 

My lemons come in the form of anxiety, stress, worry, and even depression. It's mostly caused by insecurities of feeling inadequate. I usually tell my husband I need to talk. He's THE BEST. He will sit on the couch, at the dining room table, or on the patio and talk to me about whatever I need to get off my mind. However long it may take, but I always feel better, maybe not 100% but I do feel a since of relief and joy. He has a great way of making m laugh and realize that most of the time I am just being too hard on myself! 

I'd love it if we could all resolve our issues, worries, concerns or doubts with just a little sweet and delicious tangy drink on ice with a strong shot of Vodka! Next time I'll ask for the Vodka with a twist!

Happy Friday!!

With kindness and love, Kenzie


My favorite finds in cheery YELLOW!


Sloan Skinny Fit Pant // Banana Republic 

Anna Mae Dress // Revolve

Hartman Skirt // Revolve

Utility Stretch Shorts // Anthropologie

Swimsuit with Ruffles // H&M

Embroidered Palm Radio Boxy Tee // Madewell 

Millie Top

Millie Top

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